Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grandchildren at Halloween

Logan as a sweet chicken and Monkey as Himself.
Lauren as Herself.  She really wears a mic quite often.
Lenzy as Dark Alice

Chloe the Scarecrow
Titus the Flying Monkey
Silas is obviously not into the Wizard of Oz with the rest of his family.

Lazy weekend

All weekend we have lounged around and watched some sort of ball being thrown, hit, caught, passed, fumbled, shot or dribbled.  SOAP got sick in Albuquerque and even stayed a day longer because he was too miserable to get on the plane and come home.  His appetite is not all the way back yet and his get-up and go has got up and went.  It has been unusually quiet around here.

The TCU game was the highlight of the weekend.  Very late last night we beat UNLV in Las Vegas and remain undefeated.  Two of the previously undefeateds went down earlier in the day and when the BCS polls came out tonight we had been upped to #3.  GO FROGS!!!!

The Rangers looked good yesterday, but tonight was a huge disappointment.  Although baseball games can turn on a dime, I'm not holding my breath.  The Cowboys went down in flames...AGAIN!!!!  The Spurs are doing OK.  Just ask Tony.  He signed a new contract for 50M.  They lost to New Orleans, but we couldn't be too sad because our good friend, Monty Williams, is the new head coach.  Monty is a former Spur and the youngest head coach in the league.  We wish the best for his beautiful family.  Basketball is an extremely long season so it's way too early to worry about the Spurs.

My new favorite game is Words with Friends.  I currently have 5 games going.  Hopefully it will keep my mind sharp.  Certainly it is teaching me new words.  Did you know 'ut' is a word?  I didn't.  Maybe I should look it up and see how I can use it in my next blog.

Lest you think I wasted the entire weekend, there are now three less boxes stacked in the front closet.  What was an enormous pile of  really old family pictures and assorted other memorabilia has now been consolidated into just one box.  Well, one box, a huge trash bag, and a box for each  of the kids.  SURPRISES coming your way soon.....Love, Mom.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh, Puhleeze!!!!!!

As if there isn't enough really irritating stuff to read on line this weekend with the election coming up and all, this picture was on line today with a heading about layering this winter without looking bigger.  Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?  I immediately see two major ones.  (1)  If you add these gals sizes together you don't even get a double digit.  (2)  I'm not quite sure a mid-weight jacket and a scarf should be considered layering for a real winter.

Who thinks up  these fashion articles?  I remember one about carrying the really big purses to detract from you hips if you are bottom heavy.  They used super models to illustrate their point in that one too.  Needless to say, I didn't run right out and buy the biggest purse in the store because I OWN A MIRROR!

And what about 'Plus Size' models?  Yes, some are actually a size 14 (not a big girl in my book), but they are also 6 ft. tall and hard as a rock.  Not to mention they are in their 20's.  Where are the gals that look like me and most of my friends?  I want to see what that outfit looks like on Aunt Bea before I order it, including the EasySpirit shoes.

Friday, October 22, 2010


SOAP is a great guy.  He has been a faithful, loving husband and father and a very good provider for nearly 42 years.  He loves to decorate the house and pays the utmost attention to the yard.  Most women would love to have a man that looked for ways to spend time and money on their home, although I can see the advantage of having a guy that doesn't really have an opinion on the interior decor.  His list of attributes could go on and on,  HOWEVER.......he is still a guy.

I just put him on a plane to Albuquerque, where he will stay until Monday.  That means there will be 2 days and 3 nights that I will have complete possession of the remote control.    Granted it is the weekend and we pretty much agree on the shows to watch.  Of course tonight it will be the Rangers in game 6.  Tomorrow is a day full of college football capped off by TCU vs. Air Force.  GO FROGS!!!!!  But, even if we want to watch the same programs, I would like to watch the whole program without interruption.  Mute, back-up, pause, guide, mute again, surf through commercial, guide again......what is it with men?  I think it's a control issue.  Hence the name 'remote CONTROL'.  The only time I can get my hands on it when he is here is when I notice an entire commercial playing or the guide not changing pages.  When that happens I know he has dozed off and if I am quiet and quick enough I can grab it and keep it until he wakes up for a snack.  It's going to be a quiet and peaceful weekend.  I may even sit in SOAP's recliner.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Whirlwind Social Life

When we first announced that we were downsizing and moving to HCR (Hill Country Retreat), several of our old friends teased us about going to the retirement center.  Many of those friends have visited us here and now can't wait  until they can come join us.

'THE HOME', as I like to call it when SOAP has a senior moment, has a lot to offer.  Just last week we had covered dish dinners on 2 consecutive nights! One night was for our neighborhood, The Parks.  It was to celebrate the end of construction on our 2 streets.  Our house was the second to last to be completed and I can only imagine what the rest of the neighborhood has had to endure over the past year.  The other night was for the entire HCR community to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of HCR.  We had a DJ and as the saying goes, a good time was had by all.   Did you know that one can line dance to big band tunes and 50s oldies?  I must confess that never crossed my mind until last weekend.

Last month I was asked to take a spot as a regular in the 3rd Thursday Neighborhood Bunko group.  Now that's a fun group of ladies.  We take turns hosting and have either appetizers or desserts and then the twelve of us spend 2 hours having a ball yacking and hollering and getting to know each other.   At the end of the night a few of us (not me yet) walk away with a small cash prize.  The gal that I am replacing had already done her hostess duty this year so I don't know when my turn will come.  SOAP and The Boys will have to find somewhere else to be on that night.

Ladies Luncheon is on the second Tuesday.  We usually have a theme and a speaker and table decorations to go along with the theme.  I am on the decorating team.  Each month two of us are in charge of the centerpieces and table settings.  November is my month.  The theme is something about plants you can keep indoors in the winter.  My idea was pots of dead plants since that is what I am best at.  We went with little pots of ivy instead.  This afternoon will be a busy one.  Donna is coming by on her golf cart to pick me up so we can go down to the ballroom and count the clear plastic tableware.

Sounds Like a Politician to Me

I'm sorry.  Did I miss something?  What did SOAP just say that wasn't pretty much a repeat of my first blog?  Was there any new or believable content in his latest blog? Any good stories?  Sounded like a lot of justifying and defensive posturing to me.  As one of the many Sunday morning hosts asked one of the White House staff this past week, "Is that the best you can do"? 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Learner's Permit

Seems like I need to take a course on blogging.  I had some comments that needed approval and didn't realize it.  So sorry.  I'll check more often now that I know where to look.  Also, I haven't gotten the  picture posting process down either, but having SOAP teach me is more than I can deal with without a drink in hand. Since I don't drink more than once a quarter, it could be awhile.  Marlie once asked me a question and when I referred her to her dad, her response was "I don't want to know that much".  That's how I feel.  He has done a great job of learning how to do this stuff  and is amazingly tech savvy for an old guy, but he is not the instructor I want.  Maybe some day I will relate the story of the scene that took place when he tried to teach me how to back up my little trailer.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

I'll just start by saying that I expressly told SOAP  not to put that gawd awful picture of me on the blog.  Now for the story.  At no time did I ever want to keep the bird.  I hate having birds anywhere near me.  Maybe my parents are to blame.  They let me watch the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" when I was very young and the image of the evil flock has stayed with me.  Birds give me the creeps.  I won't even go into the aviary at the zoo no matter how many of the grandchildren are in there. The only reason I sent SOAP for the cage was to save one of God's creatures from being eaten by a hawk or our neighborhood owl.  That is only slightly more than I would have done for a snake.  I googled how not to let it die on my watch and got rid of it at the first opportunity.

Setting the Record Straight

I have decided to become a blogger in order to keep Son of a Preacher in line. He has taken significant liberties with the truth over the span of his blogging 'career' and I can no longer ignore the omissions, half truths, exaggerations, or outright premeditated lies about me.

Oh, don't get me wrong. SOME of what he says is the truth. We have been married nearly 42 years and have 3 wonderful children and 6 beautiful and talented grandchildren with the 7th due in February. We do live in San Antonio and have just downsized to Del Webb Hill Country Retreat. I'm sure there must be other truthful posts, but none come to mind at the moment.

Since I am already 58, I doubt there will be enough time to go back through the history of Son of a Preacher and straighten out all the inaccuracies of the past. I will just deal with them now, as they arise, and if a past glaring one comes to mind (or if you bring it to my attention), I will correct it. SOAP, as I will call him, has already told me today that it is simply a matter of perspective. He compared it to Fox News vs. CNN. Well, let the media war begin! I am looking forward to the challenge.