Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grandchildren for Dummies

The Dummies books are very accurately titled.  I have read several and not learned much I didn't already know about each subject, except for the one on computers.  Please don't misunderstand. There is a lot to learn from the books, but one usually reads up on subjects they have a real interest in and therefore usually know something about.  I am certain there is some very useful information in the books about Quantum Physics,  Living Vegan, and Raising Chickens, but I really don't give a rat's hairy little behind about any of those subjects.  I do have an interest in grandchildren, and one thing is sure to be found in Grandchildren for Dummies.....although that particular book doesn't actually exist.  That one thing would be found in the first chapter, and that one thing would be that you have to have children before you can get the grandkids.

Well,  SOAP and I have three children.  Chapter one is covered.  Our children are Philip, 40, Amy, 37, and Marlie, 31.  All are married and have my grandchildren.  Phil has two girls, Amy has one girl and two boys, and Marlie has a boy and another boy due in February.  The grandchildren are all pictured in the Halloween blog.  SOAP has pictures of our kids on his blog, but I need to put them in mine as well.  After all, they are the ones that deserve the credit for the grandkids.

Marlie Thomas and Amy Cheshire
Philip Corzine
Thanks, kids.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is E I E I O a Word???????

Hello.  My name is Anne and I'm an addict.  I am officially addicted to Words with Friends.  It's not totally controlling my life.  I still make the bed, sew, cook, run errands and do everything else that has to be done, but the phone is never out of reach.

I have decided to call it continuing education.  Every game ends with a few new words I never dreamed even existed.  Actually, some of them haven't existed for long.  With all new technology comes new words.  The new Urban Dictionary also is full of new 'words'.  And of course there is entomology, zoology, agronomy, astronomy and a bunch of other ologys and onomys that I am not fluent in.  Also, the rules of the English language that we learned when I was in school don't always apply.  It is amazing how many words there are where 'u' doesn't have to follow 'q'.  And there are more 2 letter words than one can even imagine.  Thankfully, you can plug in letters and hit 'play' and if it is a word, off it goes.  If not, you just try till you find one that works.  The education part comes when you look up the weird set of letters that you just scored 38 points for.  Oh, BTW, I got 103 points on a word this week.

Now as Preacher's Wife qua chief cook and bottle washer, I am off to deal with the ort that wasn't shoveled into a maw. Then it will be time to close my eyne and dream of having a groat left over after a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.