Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There's A Monster in My House !!!!

My Grandmother Looney taught me to sew when I was in grade school.  I have always loved it and have done quite a bit over the years.  At first it was mostly clothing, then home decorating  and baby gifts were added to the mix.  About 8 years ago I made 3 quilts.  There were actual directions and a pattern to one of them (king size), and the other 2 were t-shirt quilts made from Marlie's high school athletic shirts and her college sorority shirts.  It was fun, but I didn't get hooked.  In fact, I made the statement that I made one to prove that I could and didn't intend to do it again.  Well.....

I obviously mis-spoke.  At a recent Ladies Luncheon here at "The Home", we had the pleasure of hearing one of our neighbors talk about her quilts.  She brought many beautiful ones with her and we were all duly impressed.  After lunch she asked if anyone would be interested  in lessons and I signed up.  It only took one lesson and there it was.....the monster in my house.  I am hooked! SOAP helped me rearrange the middle bedroom so I could leave my sewing machine set up and my mess left out.   Don't worry, I am still addicted to Words with Friends too.  My iPad and phone are always nearby so I can play while I sew.

Marty Kratz is the one responsible for my new addiction.  She and her husband Art are a great couple. Marty is a great teacher and such a fun person. Art is a fantastic artist.  His watercolors are so beautiful and filled with great detail. You would never know that he is legally blind.   They both teach their  special talents in their home 2 days a week.  At every lesson she shows me a new technique and I can't wait to learn the next one this week.  

I am determined to make eleven this year.  That is one for SOAP, one for each grandchild, and one for each child.  SOAP better get a second job 'cause this is going to get expensive.  Oh, I forgot to mention the new sewing machine I 'NEEDED'.  Thankfully he has become quite the housekeeper because I am just too busy now.  

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  1. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. I know I was. I made a few quilts for babies and my girls... then I started looking at magazines, visiting quilt stores, joining guild, taking classes, buying machines and tools and the fabric stash... well, it's cheaper than therapy... maybe.