Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend with the Sisters

Cute rain boots
I am back from a great, but wet and cold weekend in Blanco and Fredricksburg.  The Sisters met on Friday for food, fun, shopping and a little bowling.  We had a fantastic time and I got to see some old friends and make quite a few new ones.  Camping was at Miller Creek RV Park in Blanco.  I would recommend you have a self contained bathroom if you are going in warmer weather and are going to need a shower.  They have a cowboy shower.  That's CO-ED with NO stalls or heat, for the uninformed.  The owner said the women usually wear their bathing suits. Needless to say there were no takers in our group and the gals with newer trailers and bathrooms had a lot of friends.  

After shopping at Fredricksburg Trade Days on Saturday, we invaded the Blanco Bowling Club.  What a hoot!  It's a vintage bowling alley with 6 lanes and pin boys.  The food was the typical yummy bowling alley fare featuring chicken fried steak and hamburgers.  We played 9 pin.  None of us were familiar with the game.  All six on the team get 2 tries to knock down the 9 pins.  I am embarrassed to say how often it took all six of us to get the pins down.  We decided the lanes were so old that they were warped and that our skills, or lack thereof, had nothing to do with the horrible scores.  The pin boys had a pretty easy night.

All but about about 6 of the gals who came

Everyone hooked up and headed home this morning, looking forward to the next trip.

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  1. I love your blog, Anne. Sisters on the Fly sounds like so much fun. Your trailer is adorable, too. Keep writing. I blogged a little bit before, but after Allen's aneurysm and my need to write down what was going on with him as well as in my head, I found I really enjoy writing.